“I thought I had made myself clear. There’s no cure for this.”



Also starring are Seppo-Ilmari Siitonen, Tommi Korpela, Minka Kuustonen, Rainer Kaunisto, Maruska Verona, Jon-Jon Geitel, Jarkko Niemi and Ina Mikkola.

The Crew 

Pictured from top left: make-up artist Anniina Sipola, dop Markus Tynskä, sound recordist Aleksi Tegel, director Arttu Haglund, actor Panu Tuomikko.


Based on an acclaimed short story of the same title by writer Avi Heikkinen, Gone is the first feature film of both the director Arttu Haglund and the production company Amazement. As an exceptionally ambitious Finnish independent project, footage was filmed on six continents and the cast and crew actually visiting the United States, Tenerife and Estonia. The film was finally completed in March 2019. After festival tour the film will have its Finnish theatrical premiere in autumn.

Status quo 1st Mar 2019:




Post production

Shot gradually during a period of many years, this slowly advancing production enabled us to break the standard pattern of proceeding brutally from script to production to post production. The different parts of production have mixed seamlessly with each other in an intriguing way. This is rather fitting, as the events of the film also take place in two years’ time.

“Even when you’re here, I feel like you’re just about to leave.”



Below you will find material intended for press/festivals/reviews. (C) Still photos: Arttu Haglund, crew picture: Jarno Kuusinen, photo of director: Susan Korpi.

  • poissa_still1_4000px

    The protagonist of the film, Matti (Panu Tuomikko) feels trapped in life.

  • poissa_still2_4000px

    Matti’s (Panu Tuomikko) inexplicable predicament takes him all over the world.

  • poissa_still3_4000px

    Matti’s wife Teija (Eeva Putro) is having difficulties to make ends meet.

  • poissa_still4_4000px

    All Matti’s daughter Emma (Julia Hemmilä) wants is for her dad to come back home. And stay home.

  • ensinaytos_tyoryhma

    Cast and crew at the first private screening of the film.

  • director_arttu_haglund2

    Director of the film, Arttu Haglund.

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“Did dad leave already?”



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